Steel Slat, Modular Plastic & Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors:

The moving belts of each of these series of conveyor have attributes and confidants which make them fit for specifications applications. Dedicated applications such as conveyor belt transfer on the landing, conveyor belt transmissions meat, conveyor belt transmissions in food factories and many more. Whatever the proprietary application Mahboob Machine has a strong content of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing ‘made for a goal’ conveyor systems applying these proficient belt types.

Drag chain conveyor:

This conveyor is used to transfer and transport bulk materials such as granular materials and grains and can be constructed in different capacities and several outlet positions. This conveyor is often used on top of silos. This type of conveyor is used to connect several silos during loading, and, if desired, can open and close the valves.

belt conveyor:

In the separator and grading system, a variety of fruits and greenhouse products such as cucumbers are widely used. Traditionally, a lot of space is needed for product sorting, but with this conveyor, the need for large space is greatly reduced, and The need for human resources is also greatly reduced.

slat conveyor and Heavy Duty Slat Conveyors:

This conveyor is one of the most flexible conveyors in the design and construction. It is the best mode for transferring and creating assembly fittings for factories and production line and assembling, so that it has a long life span in terms of wear and tear. Heavy duty slat conveyors are mostly used to transport unit loads that are too heavy for traditional belt conveyors, used in cases where the length of the transmission and assembly line is high and also the low speed is desired, or sometimes where the operational conditions are very difficult, In places where the heat production hall is high or in construction stone production lines, in the assembly lines of the automobile, in the assembly lines for washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and the like are of the highest use, because they offer a continuous slow moving surface and require only minimal maintenance. Each slat is attached to a pair of parallel roller bush transmission chains, one at each end of the slat and driven by sprockets coupled by a head shaft to a geared motor unit. Slats can be formed from different steel sections if required, e.g. flat plate, tubes, angles etc., and sometime alternative materials can be used such as iron, steel, poly amide, polyurethane and PVC. The selection of the width of the conveyor and the type of slat is determined by size, weight and the nature of the product being conveyed.

hollow pin conveyor:

This conveyor can be the best conveyor for use in the shrink-wrapping packaging machine and can be used in bonded rods that carry items. It can be used with refractory cloths to prevent any thermal problems in the crop. This conveyor It is made of a chains called hollow pin. Choose the diameter of the conveyor belt depending on the weight of the material transported by the conveyor. It is used in toy packing lines, and spray caner jet printers can also be used.

Telescopic conveyor:

The telescopic conveyor is in the category of the load transfer conveyor. In mines, this type of conveyor is used as a conveyor belt for crusher. In fertilizer lines and communication with the batching machine, it is essential to use a telescopic conveyor belt.

Modular conveyor and Slat Chain / Plate Link Conveyors & Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors:

Metal chain modular conveyors have steel and steel plates and are used extensively in food and pharmaceutical and sanitary ware industries. In the small planking industry, it is also used for the transportation of screws, bolts and filings in machines. CNC machines also use this conveyor. They also refer to the CNC conveyor. Also in the fryer and drying machine, the modular steel conveyor is used .Modular plastic belt conveyors are often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries because they can be washed down, however they are extremely versatile and can be suitable for a great many applications.

apron conveyor:

The apron conveyor is one of the toughest chain conveyors, and is best at the entrance of various factories to carry heavy and hot material that is loaded with a forklift truck and crane and lever. Steel and mineral and paper mills are a pivot point, and the Apron or Apron feeders also use this conveyor.

screw conveyor:

The screw conveyor is a spiral conveyor which, depending on the use of iron or steel, is used vertically or horizontally in the transfer of powdered materials. This type of conveyor is used to transport toxic or carcinogenic materials. The food industry is famous for powdered lifts. The diameter of the pipe and the length and the spiral step are designed depending on the material and capacity. It is used in transferring sensitive and fragile materials and in fruit and vegetable washing machines.

chain conveyor:

The simplest type of chain conveyor is this model. This conveyor is simple and inexpensive and therefore has a lot of use. This conveyor is used to transport pallets and pallet shapes. The conveyor is used in horizontal or very low slopes and can be used to transport heavy materials or light materials and has adjustable speed. The chain conveyor is used in some Ceramic tile baking machine.

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors:

Conveyor belt according to order can be iron or steel. In some cases, such as the burgers production line in the fryer, the stainless steel mesh conveyor belt is used. And in some tunnel dryers or Bakery machines, we use a mesh belt conveyor. the correct selection of which depends on the product to be handled and the process it is undergoing. ultimately all steel wire mesh conveyor belts are designed to allow gas and liquid to flow through and circulate around or drain from the product whilst in transit


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