The company has guaranteed certification of quality management ISO 9001: 2008 and CE is.
In the company of all stages of production, including: - Design - Build - construction, installation and commissioning of machinery completely done. Machinery includes machinery manufacturing, food processing and packaging machinery as well as other industries. The company experienced more than a quarter century, which aims to provide technical and engineering services related to the packaging industry has been established, try to provide quality products and favorable price is.
Certified Iso 9001 - 2008 standard and CE.
Having a research and development unit, which has designed and new products.
Having a quality control department, the production optimization efforts are continuing this unit.
Quality control and research and development (R & D - QC):
Research Unit Development (R & D) company to design and build new devices has made. Company Quality Control Department to update previous productions and promotion to reduce energy consumption and reduce customer costs.

Production Company:
1. The manufacture of semi-automatic shrink machine, automatic shrink, shrink fully automatic, four hand sewing shrink, shrink cabin, shrink labels (2) manufacturing of industrial vacuum equipment, vacuum food as a single cabin, double cabin, horizontal standing 3 - manufacture of lifts, including: z, diagonal and powdered 4 - Production of vertical packaging machine includes two weighing, granules and powder.
New products:
Thermoforming fully automatic,form fill seal and seal types such as sliding vacuum seal and tray sealer, Fatty devices now cake pans, washing machine to wash: cake pans and baking trays, cake depositor,Packaging machines for the production of fruits and legumes and vegetables, sorting and grading machines for fruit and legumes and vegetable lines, tunnel drying, weighing and sorting chicken strips.
About the conclusion and implementation of contracts in our company
The company, in order to respect the rights of customers, contract set has all the rights of the buyer, including the execution of the contract and the quality of the contract, including warranty terms clearly written into the contract and the support and commitment of the Executive for the run to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction has been expressed in the contract.
It has been attempted to date is how to provide after-sales service and upgrade eg create more relevant ways.
Delivery of machines:
Delivery of machines in our company, with a catalog and complete video training takes place. With increasing knowledge of the buyer of the moratorium on the production line, due to minor imperfections can be avoided. Support for video conferencing services for effective ways to fast.
About production machines in our company:
Try our series was always designed in such a way that:
1. machines for production in accordance with market demand.
2. The machinery is economically justified.
3. The quality of the machines is favorable, so that if you have similar, in terms of quality and price is competitive.
Research and development (R & D): Based on the needs of the market or customer order to design relevant, and after prior approval, modeling and, if approved technical drawings, maps generated by the manufacturing offered.
The construction of the units: The chassis construction - electricity - Molding - static painting, is.
After making machine, static painting and assembly operations are carried out.
 And quality control (QC) testing of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical test done and then the overall performance of the device, it will license plates. Schematics of the production of the film is now available on the site
Quality control and research and development, jointly, to update their machines.
For example, some being offered in the following cases:
1. reduce power consumption shrink pack.
2. The automatic movement of the cabin, the shrink cabin.
3. Thermoforming fully automatic production.
4. Automatic vertical packaging machine module in volume.
5. Grill the production of devices with different features such as automatic production of falafel.
6. Create form fill seal and more sealer (tray sealer).
7. production of washing machines and washing dishes prepared cake platter tape-like washing of fast food.
8. manufacture of a vacuum seal.
9. Fatty produce a cake platter.
10 - Vacuum food production system directly: vacuum, vacuum horizontal and vertical.
11-automation lines listed include: cakes, salt and pickle, fruit and vegetable, viscous liquids such as honey and date syrup and ....
We are always trying and trying to set itself in terms of technology and upgraded technology, more and more every day are newer and better than before.

After sales service
Our company, in line with its customer-oriented programs and personnel training system is launched.
So that, before loading machinery, technical parts, as a whole, the personnel are presented on behalf purchased from, taught (with user catalog and video tutorial). By causing multiple connectivity options for customers, offering extensive after-sales service system is possible.
Communication can apply to our contact page.


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