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It is a complete production line.  This device produces types of containers and templates with films: pvc, pp, pe, pa . It has many uses and is used in many lines such as prefabricated metal molds, molds tamarisk(gaz) and prepared foods, sandwiches, a variety of salt and pickles, fruit, vegetables, dates, some industrial parts, toys And... .
Technical specifications:
1 -  Every 5 to 18 seconds a sheet. (Depending on material and thickness of roll packaging  and depth of the suction)
2 - Power: 3 phase 25 amp10 kW.
4 - Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.20, height1.90(dimensions in meters).
5 - Weight: 700 – 750  kg.
6 - Color: electrostatic powder ( In order for steel ).
7 - System Performance: electro-mechanics and pneumatic.
Other Features:
1 - Has the ability to install the engine vacuum.
2 - The container production system, Roll opener and cutting is automatic.
3 - Spraying cooling water system, Safes circulating water also can be installed on the device.
4 - The method of operation: All the steps in this device is automatic.
5- According to efficiency and customer requests, templates and cutting container production, the design will be done.
6 - this device is contoroling with PLC system.
7 - Screw compressor and water tank accessories and hardware components of the device. If needed, vacuum the engine room, the facilities will be added.
 8 - operational advantage: complete automation and high-tech and high efficiency.


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