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Tray washer

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Used for washing trays and platters. in factories of  cereal  production  for washing cake platter and also to wash the platter of cooking fast food manufacturers and restaurants widely used.
Technical specifications:
1 - Improves efficiency: 600 – 1000  hour.
2 - Power Consumption: 3 phase 15 amp 6-8 kW.
3 - Device dimensions: Length 4, width 1.2, height 1.5 (dimensions in meters).
4 - Weight: 350 kg.
5 - Color:  all-steel.
6 - System Performance: electro-mechanical and pneumatic.

Other Features:
1- The machine has a variable speed motor with inverter is Gearbox. Conveyors speed and the wash can be adjusted.
2 - How it works: all is automatic. By placing trays on the conveyor device, all acts of washing and filtration is done automatically.
3 - The filter is replaceable.
 4 –It is designed for different models of trays and platters.
5 - Have the ability to adjust the amount and intensity of washing.
6 -operational advantage: a significant reduction in trade operations, high precision cleaning, high efficiency, ease of use and low price of the device is one of the numerous advantages.


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